5-Part Anchor of a Successful Article

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how do you blog How Do You Write Your Blog?

As a small business owner, it is important for you to know that a blog site can be a magnet for potential customers. As such, your blog needs be aligned to your business goals. While you have to start looking at topics, you also have to make sure that each article posted takes advantage of opportunities to make it accessible to your target audience.

By now, you have heard a lot about the role of social media sites like Facebook and Twitter play in pulling in traffic to a blog. Not only do they increase exposure to your blog site, they also enable your business to connect with your target market on a more personal level. Although you can’t expect a sudden boost in revenues from social networking, this strategy can help build loyalty from the audience, which in the long run can turn them into your regular customers. It is very likely that a reader who finds an article interesting will want to share it with his or her friends and giving your reader the chance to do that by providing an anchor to and from social media sites within the article will benefit the business.

Here are 5 parts within your blog that will effectively anchor it to your social media profile.

  1. Headings. The heading or the H1 tag is basically the main title of the article, and the first part that the audience sees. By inserting a social media badge next to the title, or somewhere it can easily be spotted, a visitor is more likely to “Like” an article he or she had fun reading.
  2. Post. Posts are entries that are shown in sequential order in a home page. They show the titles of all the articles in a blog site from the most recent to the oldest. Giving the audience a chance to choose from the topics available, people share those that they think will be of use to their acquaintances in social media sites.
  3. Side Bar. A side bar is a space to the left or right side of the main content. You can use it to either display your promotional advertisements or add social media badges to encourage your audience to voice out their opinion about your blog site to their friends.
  4. Comments. One important feature of your blog is the comments section. This area lets the readers state their opinion of your article. You can insert a “Like It on Facebook” button in each comment box so that when anyone leaves a comment, it can be shared to social media friends. The idea is to start an article that will go viral to your target audience so you can get more comments and earn more likes as well.
  5. Share buttons. Social media share buttons are best positioned where they can easily get noticed by the audience. You can also place them right beside the last word in an article. Your reader will be more inclined to click on the share button when he or she is done reading.

Which of these things are you a part of how you blog? Which one do you want to try?

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